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My Current Projects

Victorian Bariatric Interest Group
Adding a members section to vicbig
This site will take some time to finish as the overall content for the site will take some time to gather.
This site may well get redone to use SQL, for the members section at minimum, perhaps for some easier adjusting of site content also.

Enigmatic Enterprises
Adding things to this as I think of them.
Trying to add a domain name/whois checker so that domains can be looked up easily rather than linking externaly.

Adding a visual design of my home network to this website
Its finished, but badly. I want to add more information and make it fit with the theme of this website.
It is viewable here.

What is my IP?
I Created ip.sarxos.org in an effort to reduce my reliance on other websites for an IP script for my Coolmon Config. In the past websites had changed their configuration for their IP webpages, rendering the script practicaly useless.

Tassie Fotos
Tassie Fotos is a website I am making for my older brother through which he can sell some of his photos that he has taken of various objects and scenery.

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